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October 09, 2012



The hardest part of THE ANCIENT ART OF WAR is overtaking an enemy fort. Whoever is in the fort has a distinct advantage over the attacker. But with this small tip, you can take over enemy forts easily. I figured this out when I attacked an enemy fort on all sides. I attacked with three armies, and there were only two in the fort. The two of my armies took their stance against the enemy, waiting for my command. The third just waltzed into the fort, unchallenged. Bongs This must have been overlooked by the programmers of the game. The strategy is simple. First, put the FIGHT DELAY option on long. (This means you army will wait along time to fight with your command before it decides to fight on its own.) Then target the fort you want to attack. Detach armies of three archers in good condition for every army in the enemy fort. (If there are too few or they are too weak, they will be captured.) Then construct an army or two, depending on the enemies strength, that consists of the right kind of soldier to fight that group. (Barbarians to fight archers, etc.) Make sure that their in the proper formation. Then move all your armies to just outside the enemy fort. Attack it with all your three-archer armies first. Make sure all the enemy armies are occupied, and then move your main armies in. Once they are in place, ZOOM in on your three-archer armies, and then ZOOM in on your main armies. (Assuming the three archers didn't wipe them out.) The latter fight will be easy, because even if you attack an army with one lousy soldier, it will be weakened. Glass Bubblers This trick has never failed me. With it I have beaten the Islands of Doom scenario against Sun-Tzu. The only problem now is that the game is really boring. By the way, if you win a tournament or something with this trick, I wouldn't get angry if you wanted to send me money or something at P.O. Box 398, Derby, CT. 06418. And if you distribute this, I would appreciate it if you distributed the address with it. Just thought you might like to know :-}


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