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October 28, 2012

Five Things To Avert In The Fitness Universe


Many people approach fitness the same way, they jump in as hard as possible, diet hard, train hard, and get burnt out within a few weeks. That leads to many people giving up. It even happens to people that have been doing it for years if they aren't careful. It doesn't just affect newcomers. Luckily, if you avoid the 5 mistakes outlined in this article, you probably won't have that happen to you!

1 - No Planning

Planning is probably the most essential thing that anybody successful with health and fitness does. This means you need to plan your diet, plan your meals, plan your workout program, and set realistic goals in a reachable timeframe. Failure to do any of these things listed could be catastrophic for your fitness lifestyle. Random workouts and meals are good sometimes, but if you rely on randomness all the time, you will probably fail!

2 - Too Many Excuses

Too many people make too many excuses. Maybe you have a cough so you don't feel like working out. Your friends may want to party later tonight so you can't workout today. You can't afford to eat healthy. Excuses are completely worthless so why even waste your time making them up. If you want a better body and better overall health, quit making excuses and step up to the challenge. Nobody has made it to their goals by making excuses.

3 - Workout Frequency

Do you think working out for 30 minutes a week is good? Well, some people do. Do you think that you should workout everyday for 2-3 hours? Surprisingly, many people think so. They are both wrong. You have to find the happy medium to see how much you need to workout. If you workout too little, you will never meet your goals. If you workout too much, you risk injury and overtraining. Usually, the best routine to do is 3 to 4 times per week for about an hour per workout. In fact, thousands of people already follow workout routines that follow that schedule!

4 - Magic

There are no magic pills, magic diets, or magic workout programs. If you don't want to put in the hard work and effort, you aren't going to succeed. It may sound harsh but it can't be any closer to the truth. Stop believing TV commercials and awesome advertisements.

5 - Comparisons

Comparing yourself to a fitness professional or somebody that has much more experience that you is setting yourself up for a downfall. Don't compare yourself to anybody. Your DNA makes you different from the rest of the world, so why would you compare yourself to someone else? You don't compare dogs and cats when it comes to their body. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, why not compare yourself now to yourself a year ago. That is something that should motivate you dramatically!

Now you have read the 5 easiest mistakes to avoid in the world of fitness. If you just avoid these mistakes alone, you are on your way to succeeding with your goals, as long as they are within reach. Feel free to bookmark this article and come back to it anytime!

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