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November 11, 2012

The Lost Ark of the Covenant


A Solution by The Sheik
[\] An Extension 1200 Presentation...
[\] Formatted in 80 columns
[\] Written 8/18/85 for ElvenRealm (312) 382-1369

The Lost Ark of the Covenant is a fairly simple adventure. There are two
difficult parts in the game. Those rely on good timing, making it difficult
for me to type up a step-by-step solution. Not only that, but if I did type
up a step-by-step solution, your making the slightest mistake, such as a mis-
spelling, would throw off the timing. Therefore I will just present the puz-
zles and how to overcome them...

TORCH: find this in the sundial room. You will need it to venture into
the caves, the pyramid, and the tunnels under the plate. Be careful
though, climbing down the vine with the torch lit is suicide.

PLANT: give this to the horse, it will make him 'somewhat docile'.

CAN: spray beehive with it.

HORSE: after getting the plant, feed horse, then ride horse. He will get
you safely across the river your first time, and he can ventue into
the caves, but be careful. He will be killed by the bear if you
go cave, then go south.

GLASSES: these are used to read door (on the pyramid), read message (on top
of the pyramid), and read the scroll (behind the cobwebs in the
scroll library beneath the plate). to take them off, move glasses,
then drop glasses. (after pickng them up, you have to 'wear' them).

WHIP: this will be used to whip the native. If you attempt to shoot the
native, his friends will hear the noise, and come and kill you.

NOTE: 'when the time is 99- go to my husband and he will give you a vine'.
signed, Jan. This refers of course to Tarzan's cameo appearance in
the dense jungle, one move north of the pyramid. You must go there
on the 99th move, which is three moves after High Noon. You cannot
be wandering around that area waiting, either. Look sundial to know
how many moves you've made. Moves are reset each day.

PISTOL: use this to shoot vulture, shoot canister (when in the worshipping
chamber), shoot bear, shoot boa, and shoot rattlesnake.

GEMS: save all these.. when you get them, drop them near the ruins, unless
it is too far out of your way. You will have to have them to get
the ark, near the end of the game

DIAMOND KNOB: pull knob. it will give you a clue about how to get rid of
the mako shark. You must 'empty jug' to get rid of it.

CONTAINER: after getting rid of the shark, go boat, get container, u, u.
move suit, drop suit, n, n, e, fill tank.

EGG: break egg, drop eggshells

STATUE: blow up by dropping canister, then shooting canister.. but first
climb statue, u, n, pull knob, s, get head, break head, drop head,
n, go gap, d, d.

PITCHFORK: you must have this to open the golden head. It rips the
thick seam.

CAVES: make a map! True, going one direction, then going back does not
work, but they are mappable. write each square as a series of
arrows, pointing to all possible exits. in the room with the puddle
on the floor, push ceiling, go crevasse.

SHOVEL: dig sand in the ruins room.

SUIT: get suit, wear suit before 'go ocean' from the first room in the

JUG: get clue by pulling diamond knob. empty jug in the ocean where the
shark is.

PRIMARY CHAMBER/ROD: get rod, it is used to unlock compartment in the

PARACHUTE: don't worry, you never actually use this.

MANUAL: you must read manual before attempting to fly the plane. Both the
manual and the parachute can be found in the compartment.

RUINS: dig sand, move plate, tie vine, to plate, drop torch, get torch,
now get all the gems you can carry and 'go hole'.

SCROLL LIBRARY: move cobwebs, get scroll. To read the scroll, you must
be wearing the bi-lingo glasses, but don't worry, all it
is is clue#2 that the gems should be placed in rainbow
order. The scroll will read 721-5634..

SARCOPHAGUS: now.. you should not be here unless you just woke up and it
is late morning. If you do not have the red, orange, yellow,
green, blue, indigo, violet, and black gems then leave.
for those who do, 'place (gemcolor)' in the order they appear
above. you must then wait until it is high noon, so the
light can shine through a crack in the ceiling.

LEVER: pull this to reveal a secret passage into the holy tomb. the passage
however, is in the scroll library.. to go there, go west as far as
you can, then s, s, go passage, w.

RIVER: the horse gets you across the first time. Your clue on how to get
back is on top of the pyramid. You must shoot the vulture, then drop
it when you are at the east riverbank. now w, d, get orange, up, w.

BEAM: whip beam.. takes you into next room of pyramid.

BEAM OF LIGHT: whip beam again. this causes the pitchfork to leap out at
your whip. now drop whip, if you've read the whip info, you
won't need it anymore... get pitchfork.

IN PALM TREE: get coconut. you cannot break this, it's too hard. You must
throw coconut, from the top of the cliff, then go n, n, w, s,
get black.

VULTURE AREA: shoot vulture, get vulture, get egg, break egg, drop eggshells.
you now have the yellow stone.

CAVE ROOM#1: once you are rid of the horse, go south, shoot bear, get red.

RATTLESNAKE: shoot rattlesnake, get scimitar, look scimitar, look pommel,
break scimitar, drop scimitar. You now have the indigo.

IN CLEARING (TREE W/BOA): shoot boa, get violet.

COBWEBS: move cobwebs for an item that will hep you unravel the mystery
of the sarcophagus.

The above information is enough to get you through the game. If you have
any questions, direct them to THE SHEIK at....


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