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October 05, 2012

Zork 3


ZORK III Part 1 Before you lies the final chapter of your elevation in the Great Underground Empire. You have explored the GUE in ZORK I; mastered Frobozz in ZORK II; what lies ahead remains to be seen. But you do see your old friend, the lamp, laying at your feet. So pick it up and let us begin. Turn the lamp on and go south to the Junction. Before you is a great rock and imbedded in it is your trusty sword...held fast! You can't remove the sword, but rest assured, should the need arise, it will come to you! Go south three times to the lake shore, and drop your lamp. You won't need it anymore. Enter the lake and dive immediately! There's a huge fish swimming around the area and you'd make him a tasty meal! On the lake bottom, randomly, you may or may not see a glittering object out of the corner of your eye. But whether you do or not, just get the object. If you drop it, just keep getting it until you've got it and go back up to the surface of the lake. Now swim west to the Western Shore and go south to the Scenic Vista. This amazing table is actually a teleporter that will take you to various places that you may have seen before! Take the torch that's on the wall and wait for the table to display the number "II". When "II" is displayed, touch the table. As you do, you find yourself in Room 8 from ZORK II! And look! There's the can of Grue Repellent! Get the can and wait. Soon, you find yourself back in the Scenic Vista room again. This is fun! Wait for the table to display "III" and touch the table again. This time you find yourself a Damp Passage. You haven't visited here yet, but it's another area of ZORK III! Drop the torch and wait. Again, you're transported back to the Scenic Vista. If you have the urge to touch the table when it displays "IV", you'd better save your game for only death awaits you there! Now go north and enter the lake again. The shock of the cold water makes you drop your possessions, but don't worry. Just dive down and get the can of repellent. (You're wearing the amulet so you don't drop it!) Swim up and south to the Southern Shore and check your inventory. You should have the Amulet and the can of Grue Repellent. This next part is dangerous and success depends on the number of move you take. So don't do anything extraneous! Go south into the dark and spray the Grue Repellent on yourself. Don't drop the can, though, just press onward by going south and east to the Key Room. You can drop the can here because it's empty anyway. Get the key and open the manhole cover and go down into the darkness. You find yourself on an old dried-up Aqueduct! Go north twice and down. My, my! Here you are back in the Damp Passage and the torch is laying here right where you dropped it! Get the torch, go west back to the Junction, south twice and west four times to the Flathead Ocean. ZORK III Part 2 You may or may not see an old Viking Ship sailing past at this point, but if you do, be sure to say "Hello Sailor" to the old man! You'll be rewarded for your kindness by the small vial he throws to you! Take the vial then go north, northeast, southeast and west to the cliff. Get the waybread from under the tree and go down the rope that you see tied to the tree. On the Cliff Ledge you see a huge chest, but you can't open it yourself! You'll have to wait until someone offers to help you! When the offer comes, tie the rope to the chest. Uh-oh...does this fellow mean to rob and strand you? No, if you wait long enough, he'll come back and dangle the rope back down to you. When he does, grab the rope and he'll haul you back up. When you finally get back up to the top of the cliff, you see he has opened the chest and taken the valuables from it. Seeing that he has no need of a simple wooden staff he gives it to you! Don't begrudge him his new found wealth, though, you have more important things to do! Go east, southwest, north, east and south to the Creepy Crawl. Now go east twice then south twice to the Great Door. Somehwere along the line, you should've heard or felt the rumblings of a great underground disturbance. This earthquake has caused a hole to appear next to the door! Go east through the hole to the Museum Entrance. Inside these doors you will find several terrific puzzles to solve! The first one we're going to take care of is behind the wooden door. Go north through the wooden door to the Technology Museum. Inside you find all sorts of bizarre machinery from various eras of ZORK! Only the gold machine is still working now. If you examine it closely, you'll see that it reminds you of the time machine from the H. G. Wells story! That's right, you're going to go time travelling, but you'll need to move the machine to the room you want to visit in a previous time. So push the machine south, open the Stone Door and push the machine east. This is the Jewel Room and if you read the plaque you'll see the year that this wing of the museum was dedicated (777). What you have to do is to get here *before* the dedication ceremonies because you'll need one of the Crown Jewels to complete ZORK III! Get in the machine and read the dial. Remember th year "948". This is the year that you're in right now and you'll need to reset the dial to get back here! Set the dial to "776" and push the button. Suddenly everything is completely different! You're still in the Jewel Room, but the gold machine and everything you were holding has disappeared! As you get your bearings back, you notice two things immediately: One is that the Crown Jewels are no longer locked inside the cage; and, two, you can hear guards' voices on the other side of the Stone Door, which (thankfully!) is closed! Take the Ring ONLY! Greed is not part of ZORK III! As you take the ring, you automatically slip it on your finger. Now wait until the guards leave the area. When they do, open the door and go west, then open the wooden door and go north back to the Technology Museum. Amazingly, the Golden Time Machine is right where you found it in the first place. But what of your other possessions? We'll find them! In order to take the ring back into the future, you'll have to hide it in the Time Machine somewhere and if you look, you'll see a compartment beneath the seat. Put the Ring under the seat, get in the machine and set the dial back to "948". Now push the button and *WHOOSH*! You're back in your own time again! Get out of the machine and look under the seat. You see the ring and put it back on your finger again. Now to go retrieve your other items. Open the wooden door and go south, then open the Stone Door and go east. Here's everything you were holding before! But, there's something different about this room. Wait! The steel cage is gone and there's only a plaque here now! Reading the plaque tells you that one of the jewels was stolen before the dedication ceremony could take place and that to protect the other jewels, they were locked inside a hollowed-out volcano! Amazing! You saw that place in ZORK II! Now go west and south to the Royal Puzzle Entrance. Take a deep breath here, because you're about to enter one of the toughest puzzles in ZORK III...the "Royal Puzzle"! I strongly suggest that you save your game here. One wrong move and it's curtains! 'Nuff said! Glass Pipes ZORK III Part 3 Leave the piece of paper here. It's just a warning about the complexity of the Royal Puzzle. Enter the puzzle by going down into the hole. There are two types of walls inside the puzzle: Marble and Sandstone. The Marble walls cannot be moved, but the Sandstone Walls can be pushed to form new arrangements. Please, oh please, follow the following directions exactly! If you don't, you'll get hopelessly lost and nothing will get you out of here without restoring your game! Ready? Okay, here we go! Push the East Wall. Go south, then southwest. Push the South Wall, then go east twice and push the South Wall. Go north twice then east and push the South Wall. Pushing this wall has uncovered a dusty old book! Get the book (that's really what we're here for!) and push the South Wall again. Go east, then northeast, and push the West Wall four times. Go northeast twice, north and push the East Wall. Go southwest, south, southeast, northeast, north and push the West Wall. Go northwest and push the South Wall twice. Go west, northwest twice and push the South Wall. Go southeast three times, northeast and push the West Wall twice. Go southwest and push the North Wall three times. Now go northwest. There, attached firmly to the east wall is a ladder. And directly above your head is the hole you came in through! Go up the ladder're out! Well, your first two puzzle adventures are over with and it's time to leave the Museum. Hope you had fun pushing all those walls around! Go north, west and north twice to the Crystal Grotto, then go west twice and south to the Foggy Room. Soon, you will meet a puzzling adversary. When you do, your compassion will play a large part in the battle. Go west twice, north and east into the Land of Shadow. Somewhere around here you will be confronted by a cloaked and hooded figure. When you see him, your Elven Sword appears in your hand, glowing wildly! The trick here is to continue trying to kill the figure with your sword until the message "The hooded figure is badly hurt and cannot defend himself" appears. At this point, get his hood. As you slowly remove the hood, you are shocked to see...your own face! The figure smiles sadly, grimly at you and disappears! How strange! No time to wonder further about it, though. Take the cloak that was left behind. It is time to finish the puzzle.... Depending on where you fight with the hooded figure, you'll have to make your way back to the Junction. Once at the Junction, go east and northeast to the Engravings Room. You should find an old man asleep here. If you don't, keep leaving and re-entering the room until he appears. Seeing that he's very frail, take pity on him and wake him up. As he wakes up he looks at you as though he's expecting something from you. Give the waybread to him. After he has eaten the bread, he tells you that what you seek may be through there, and points at a carved wall. You turn to look and see the faint outline of a secret door! When you turn back to thank the old man, though, you see he has disappeared! Open the door, and go down to the button room. You can't do anything with the button until the beam in the next room has been broken. So go north to the Beam Room. The thin red beam across the doorway must be interrupted by an article. The only thing you can spare right now is your sword. So break the beam with the sword and go back south. Now go back south and push the button. As you push the button, you hear a click and then a snap! Go north three times past the Guardians of ZORK and the Mirror to the inside of the Box. What a strange room this is! The ceiling is blue like the sky, panels to the left and right are of mahogany and pine. Surrounding you are panels in red, black, yellow and white. The "box" has two odd poles and a compass rose on the floor. We're going to move this box to bypass the Guardians of ZORK that you saw earlier! Begin by lifting the short pole out of the hole. Push the red panel until the compass rose is pointing south. Push the short pole back into the hole and push the mahogany panel until it won't go any further. Now it's time to exit the box, so push the pine panel. As it swings open go out into the Hallway. Go north once. Now it's time to use the vial. The vial is actually an invisibility potion. Open the vial and drink the contents. Although you don't feel any different, you've now beome invisible! Go north three times past the Guardians of ZORK to the Dungeon Entrance. Now is a good time to check your inventory. You should be carrying or wearing: The Hood, the Cloak, the Ancient Book, the Wooden Staff, the Torch, the Key, the Amulet and the Golden Ring. You can drop the vial here. If you're missing any of these items, you won't be allowed to enter the Dungeon. All set? Right! Knock on the door. After what seems an awfully long time, a small panel opens and you find yourself looking into the face of a wizened old man! He greats you and you feel drawn to him! As he speaks, you look deeply into his face and see...the old man by the secret door, the man at the cliff, the hooded figure! Impressed by your compassion, trust and patience, he will now help you complete your quest if you'll only direct him! Upon entering the Dungeon you find yourself in a Narrow Corridor. Go north, east, and north twice to the Parapet. The Master has followed you to this point. Before you, you see a sort of sundial with numbers from 1 to 8 and one button. The arrow is sitting at the numeral "1" right now. Set the dial to "4", push the button and go south to the cell door. Open the cell door and go south into the featureless Prison Cell. Inside the Prison Cell on the south wall is a closed Bronze Door. If you try to unlock the Bronze Door, though, you find that it is impossible! Tell the Master to close the door. He does so and awaits your next command. Now tell the Master to go north and to turn the dial to "6". Finally, tell the Master to push the button. As he does your biding, you note that the Prison Cell only seems to be bare and not featureless any longer! What's this? The Bronze Door only seems to be closed now! Could it have been an illusion before? Now you can unlock the door with the strange key! It seems to mold itself to the shape of the lock magically! With a small twist of the key, the huge bolt unlocks! With shaking hand, you open the door and going south, you find yourself inside the Treasury of ZORK, the ultimate storehouse of the wealth of the Great Underground Empire! As you look upon these fabulous riches, the Dungeon Master appears beside you and says that you have solved all the mysteries of the Dungeon! He has awaited your coming for many ages and is tired. Thus saying, he taps you on your head with his staff, mumbles a few spells and disapears from sight! As you sit there, you feel yourself growing older, stooped, wiser until you resemble all the characters you met in all the other ZORK adventures! All hail the new Ruler of ZORK! ZORK III is copyrighted by Infocom, Inc., 1982. This walkthru is copyrighted by Barbara Baser, 1985. All rights reserved.


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