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Deuce G Marketing is one of the leading new marketing services on the internet. We specialize in SEO and SMM marketing services and offer low prices for high quality results. We have never marketed for a site that didn't get to where they want to be with their chosen keywords and we don't plan to! We have never performed SMM that just didn't work either! We bring brand new private marketing techniques into the tried and tested methods to form a marketing plan so effective that only minor changes have been made to it in over 4 months! What we do is completely ethical and never have we had a site go to the sandbox because of our marketing. If you are interested in our services, check out our packages:

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August 09, 2011

Proof Of Our Quality Services


You may be interested in our services but reluctant to purchase before you see proof on our services. According to our service policies, we will not reveal our customers so you can not see there high quality results. Fortunately, you can see our website results. Take in consideration how new our website is when you look at these results. We will constantly be updated these results so you can see how our services pan out for our own site. Here are our current statistics in relation to SMM and SEO:


SMM is a quicker process so our results are pretty good so far. We currently have over 900 followers on Twitter and are only following around 10 people. None of the profiles that we follow are following us back either! We currently have over 1,100 fans on Facebook. These numbers may not look impressive but we just started marketing ourselves so keep that in mind. Our customers obviously get more marketing to their profiles because it wouldn't be right if we marketed our own profiles more! Therefore, our customers usually get over 900 follower and over 1,100 fans relatively fast.


Since this website is still in development, we haven't done much marketing on this site at all. However, we do already rank #1 for one keyword 'Deuce G Marketing'. This isn't impressive at all but keep in mind, the site is new. We are currently in the top 100 in Google for 7 of our 10 chosen keywords as well (If you want to verify this, contact us and we will give you the keyword list!). Also, we spend much more time on our clients' sites so of course they rank for there chosen keywords. Keep checking back here to find out what keywords we rank for in the future. Believe me, we will rank for our chosen keywords! One of our other websites, Cheap Hip Hop Beats, is currently ranking on the in the top 50 for the keyword Rap Beats and top 20 for the keywords Hip Hop Beats and Instrumentals, which are high competition and high search volume keywords. Keep in mind that our marketing for that site has barely begun as well.


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